Unlike some automotive brands with a consistent global auto show design, Buick has had yet to have a 
cohesive design language for their global auto show programs as their brand perception in the Chinese market is
extremely different than in the North American market. As a joint effort by GM China and GM US to help Buick 
achieve a globally consistent auto show program, they have tasked our design team to design a brand new stand 
for the Auto Shanghai 2017, which will then be used as the standard designer for all of the Buick global auto show program.
Existing Designs (Auto Shanghai 2015 on top and Detroit Autoshow 2015 on the bottom) 
     As shown, there was a lack of design consistency between us auto shows and chinese auto shows
     it was our main goal to establish a global standard for Buick auto shows both in the North American and Asian 
National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) Shanghai (the 2nd biggest convention hall in the world) 
Project Perimeters:
     Booth Size - 240 feet x 138 feet (2/3 of a NFL football field) 
     Design Objectives 
          - Encapsulating architecture
          - Strategic vehicle zoning
          - Use of large LED
          - Triple deck design 
              -VIP Lounge
              - Buick Care Lounge
              - Science and Technology engagement zone
              - Private offices 
     Total Development Time - 4 weeks 
Buick Automotive Design 
     Out clients have made a specific request that we take inspiration from the Buick vehicles. 
Inspiration Images 
     Further inspiration images were collected to help abstract the design elements found in Buick's vehicles. 
Initial Ideation (2D sketches, 3D sketches, and CAD modeling)
Front Approach
Side Approach
Front Approach
Side Approach
Side Approach
Aerial View
Interior View
Interior View
Interior View 
Aerial View
Interior View
Buick Intelligent Technology Experience
Buick Care Lounge & Upper Deck VIP Area
VIP Lounge & Offices
Top View
Strategic Vehicle Zoning
modeled in Rhino and rendered on V-Ray 

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